Zoe Wiseman is a photographer and former model from Los Angeles, California. She spends her artistic endeavors globetrotting with a band of like minded photographers and models making community surrounding fine art nude photography. In 1997 she launched the first online magazine for fine art nude photography at  ARTnudes www.artnudes.com, as the internet evolved so did her endeavors so the very first fine art nude photographic community for models and photographers was born at Community Zoe, www.communityzoe.com, which in turn evolved into a prolific artist retreat and festival, Zoe Fest www.zoefest.photo. The 10 day event is held all over the world in places in the US, Australia, Mexico… Attendee’s works spill over into publications, collections and exhibitions worldwide. Zoe’s work is collected, published and exhibited internationally and nationally within the US. 

You can read more about me here at my website: